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Invisible Braces

What are invisible braces ?

Every body wants a confident sparkling smile. Teeth alignment forms the core of a smile. Maligned teeth, teeth forwardly placed or overlapping are a complete spoiler.  Invisible braces has emerged as the easiest way of getting that smile and teeth aligned.

Traditionally braces work by moving teeth to their ideal place by applying force.  The regular braces consisted of wires and brackets. These  are bulky and cumbersome and need to be tightened every month at the dental office. The extra bulk causes soreness to the cheek and lips. They accumulate food and create an oral hygiene nightmare. When they are removed at the end of treatment, if the patient has not maintained good hygiene decays and white spots can be usually seen to occur around the brackets. Also if there is an important function, event , wedding or meeting during the course of treatment, as they are fixed and cannot be removed.

Invisible braces or aligners is an amalgamation of modern technolog…